Friday, March 16, 2018

Reasons People Hire An Interior Designer

When it comes to interior design/decoration, some might wonder if we could use cloud-based design software or get ideas from blogs, Pinterest or even free advice from a salesperson at a large furniture retailer.  The answer is yes.  Who doesn’t like free things, right?  You could go pick up every single stunning accent piece you see in a store, but when you put them all together in a room without any other important or necessary item—they become clutter that generally serve no purpose at all.  However, design is about a lot more than just having a pretty room, and home is our sanctuary and we want it to nurture our lifestyle and family, not drain us.   After all, we engage with our home through emotions, memory, imaginations, the senses, and by movement through space.  We all have heard “No one is good at everything, but everyone is good at something.”  And here is why…….

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Technology Makes You Feel Like A Superhero By Giving You Powers

An interior design professional can take deep dives into finding solutions to increase the comfort, safety and accessibility of how your home operates by focusing on integrating your lifestyle, daily routine, and home decoration with devices and appliances such as smart lighting/oven, robotic-lawnmower and intelligently designed home theater etc.  Functionally designed smart homes can not only make your life simpler but also can instantly raise the value of the house since the well automated smart home can easily impress future buyers, particularlythe new generation of homeowners are likely interested in a home that can control via their phones that they have grown up with all their lives.

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Economic Growth Is Shifting Into A Higher Gear

Interior designers are trained not only to enhance our home’s visual but also to create spaces that are built with function in mind which increases home’s overall value on the market.  Because the U.S. economy is now at or near full employment with an expectation of moderate economic growth in 2018 and 2019, overall, predictions and outlook for the US housing market are positive. Therefore, if you want to get involved in real estate, you might consider renovating a home whose room layout and design are highly functional is much more appealing to buyers. 

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Buy Smart, and You Will Save More!

Instinctively, we reach out for attractive things; beauty literally moves us.  That is why we buy beautiful furniture, and home decorative items without paying too much attention to the details such as wrong size, incongruous color or patterns.  Meanwhile, we might also miss out on getting the same merchandise for half of the cost at another place or designer’s discount passing on their clientele.  Hence, hiring a designer can not only avoid wasteful spending in the world of interior design but also help you check off of all those must fix things on your list to get more sleep.

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The Placement Must Be Practical And Functional

The floor plan relates form to function, and it has the power to give a home a sense of fluidity and freedom or a sense of being restricted and hemmed in. Therefore, when thinking about designing each space, the distance between furniture and the need for negative space should be taken into account.  Moreover, a great designer will come up with unique ideas to use your space wisely, particularly, with the help of KonMari Method(Oprah, Kate Hudson, Lucy Liu, and Jamie Lee Curtis are all outspoken fans of the organizing strategies), your home will be organized and easy to live in.

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Designing With Nature In Mind

The reason we need nature for our psychological well-being because it is in our DNA.  However, our culture teaches us that we never have enough.  We strive to make more money, buy more things, eat more delicious food.  At the end of the day, nature calls you back to reality because you can't stop it from raining, and you can't delay the setting sun.  Most importantly, eco systems embody harmony and balance.   Therefore, bringing the outdoors in has become a popular nature therapy.  Horticulturist Jeromy Bernard from Gavin Green Home Design has proved to his clients how indoor green walls known as vertical gardens or living walls work by making their lives as pleasurable as possible, and resisting hardship as much as possible. 

It is crucial that you have a budget in mind and you discuss with your spouse, partner or family and come to a consensus about the overall look you are trying to achieve before bringing a professional into the picture.  Your home is a physical representation of you, consequently having a home that works well is the key to a successful life.